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Alternative Remedies For Gout -Treatments Without Side Effects

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There are many different methods used for treating gout. Some are directly related to medication, some are natural methods. Many people chose to use alternative remedies for gout treatment instead of taking prescribed medications.

Each person has their own reasons for wanting to use alternative methods instead of medications. However, one common denominator among all of these individuals is none of them want to be bothered by possible side effects of taking medications.

No matter which method of treatment you are considering taking advantage of for your gout symptoms you will need to make some lifestyle modifications. For example, healthier eating, eliminating specific foods from your diet and exercising. These are all natural methods that can assist in minimizing the discomfort associated from a bout with gout.

The mere thought of not having to deal with unnecessary side effects due to medications is enough for many people to decide on alternative natural remedies. The majority of the natural remedies you will read about also have beneficial factors for promoting an overall better healthy for a person.
Here are a few ways you can alleviate your gout symptoms naturally:

  • Water. Drink between about 12 8 oz. glasses of water a day. Increasing your water consumption will increase your metabolism, rid the body of toxins and promote efficient digestion and elimination of waste from your body.
  • Cold bathing once a day stimulates the pores. When you are ready to dry off you should do this by rubbing the palms of your hands vigorously over your body, with a massaging motion.
  • Sweating is important when you are treating gout naturally. You can sit in the sun or turn on the hot water in the bathroom and give yourself a steam bath to promote sweating. (cold bath could be done after the sweat session)
  • Diet solely of fresh fruits and veggies is recommended for 5 consecutive days. Fruits should be ones that do not require peeling are best for this time period. Veggies should be leafy greens 100% fruit juices are excellent for the first few days because you can flush your system and give your intestines a slight break.
  • If you are experiencing joint pain you can easily prepare a paste to apply to the area causing the discomfort. The paste should consist of raw finely ground potatoes. Leave the paste on the area for a few hours.

Not all alternative remedies for gout treatment will work for every one and neither will all medications. Trial and error with natural remedies is important. For example, if you find drinking grapefruit juice causes you to have an attack you should stop drinking it. Yet your neighbor might not have the same reaction from the grapefruit juice and can continue drinking it.

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  • 2 lovinglypoe // Mar 4, 2009 at 6:13 am

    I accidently gave myself gout after self medicating with extreme amounts of B vitamins. My family has a history of gout so it was bound to happen to me sooner or later. I have had excruciating attacks in my toe, ankle, and various places on top and bottom of my feet. I have found some very good treatments over the last year or two for gout. The first one I found was a far-infrared sauna which will work wonders but is very expensive ($2000+) but will treat multiple conditions. The second one i found was the ionic foot bath. My grandpa and I have had amazing results with it. After one treatment I could eat or drink anything I wanted with no side effects for about a month but then I would need another treatment. Each treatment usually costs around $30-35 or you can buy one for about $300. The third one and by far the most economical fresh cod liver oil taken everyday about $50 or less to cover you for a month or more. I would recommend 1-2 tablespoons of fresh cod liver oil a day and one ionic foot bath treatment a month to never worrie about gout again. You might be able to find a alternitive health clinic near you that will give you a free first ionic treatment. Try these out and let us know if they help you.

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