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Expect Hyperuricemia if Your Uric Acid is High

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Hyperuricemia literally means high levels of uric acid in the blood. We all know that elevated levels of uric acid contribute to the building up of gout.  Hence, we should orient ourselves with the known issues that cause this elevation.

The root causes of hyperuricemia can be categorized into three types: one is augmented production of uric acid; second is declined excretion of uric acid; and the third is the mixed type. Here are the other possible root causes of hyperuricemia according to each type:

Augmented Production of Uric Acid

Reasons for augmented production of uric acid relates to high-levels of intake regarding foods which are high in purine, thus resulting to increased metabolism of purine. A diet consisting of food rich in purine is a widespread cause of hyperuricemia.

Therefore, familiarizing ourselves with the foods that are rich in purine can help us avoid gout. Examples of these foods are: meat and other meat by-products, liver, brains, kidneys and other internal meats; seafood mainly shellfish, and dried beans.

Declined Excretion of Uric Acid

The causes for the decline in excretion of uric acid may be due to certain medicines, kidney disease and other possible rivals for excreting uric acid and other molecules.The drugs that contribute to hyperuricemia type contain substances whose main function is to lift serum uric acid levels with a corresponding decrease in urine uric acid level.

Mixed Mechanism (both increased production and decreased excretion)

Mixed sources include significant levels of fructose and or alcohol intakes and in addressing hunger. Elevated intake of foods rich in fructose can considerably increase the chances of hyperuricemia.

Fructose in layman’s term is simply sugar. Little amounts of fructose from time to time is not bad for us at all. However, in some studies, it has been revealed that consuming four or more sugar-sweetened beverages in a day double the odds of hyperuricemia.

Fructose also restrains the excretion of uric acid.  The consequence of fructose in dropping excretion of uric acid is evident in people with a hereditary tendency toward hyperuricemia leading to gout.

Starvation or hunger may also cause hyperuricemia.  During hunger, the body metabolizes its tissues, which are rich in purine used to generate energy. Thus, akin to a high purine food intake, starvation boosts the amount of purine transformed to uric acid.

A proper knowledge of the kind of food we eat and the medicines we take combined with a healthy lifestyle pays a lot to keep the doctors away.

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