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Can I use the Atkins Diet For Gout?

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Gout is a very painful condition and in many cases a doctor will request the sufferer to lose unnecessary weight. This can be a tricky task for many individuals. Not only are there food restrictions now in place because of the gout but you will have to find foods that you can eat with gout that are not going to cause you to gain weight. Some individuals look towards an Atkins diet for gout treatment.

Atkins diet restricts the amount of carbohydrates a person can consume on a daily basis in order for the body to stop storing the carbs as sugars and fat, instead it forces the body to burn the stored fat, thus weight loss is achieved. This might sound pretty simple and even a diet plan you can stick with, however you might want to reconsider if you suffer from painful bouts with gout.

The majority of these types of carb restricting diets tend to become dependant on higher protein foods for energy and calorie consumption. The higher proteins you consume can easily and quickly lead to more purines, which you should not have when you suffer from gout. The increase in purines will surely give you a painful attack.

The build-up of a crystal-like substance in and around the joints is among the major symptoms causing the excruciating pain and swelling that occurs. This accumulation of crystal-like substance is called hyperuricemia, which is the excessive consumption of purine-rich foods.

This purine is transformed into uric acid. During normal consumption, the body can handle these levels of uric acid, but when the levels of uric acid are increased, the body has trouble keeping up. This becomes even more difficult if the kidneys are impaired, too, which is another cause of gout.

Foods with the highest amounts of purine are found in animal based proteins. Many believe that by lowering carbohydrate intake is the best way to go, but this depends on the individual. This restriction of carbohydrates is not a one-for-all solution. For safety sake, consult a physician who can prescribe the perfect diet and daily exercise routine that suit’s the needs of the individual and not the world of gout sufferer’s as a whole.

For the record, it’s better to consult a physician when searching for a treatment for gout. To diagnose gout online or by some magical infomercial that promises positive outcomes is the worst way to go. Many people have made the symptoms of gout even worse by not consulting a physician, or one that can prescribe a diet that is perfect for your particular height, weight and body-type. Rapid weight loss caused by extreme dieting only raises uric acid levels in your body.

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