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Gout Treatment – Diet Modification for Relief

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Among the many methods that are used to control gout and its painful symptoms, one of the best gout treatment is diet modification. It is important that you are aware of the foods you need to avid consuming as well as beverages. In addition to eliminating foods you need to increase specific foods and beverages as well.

Gout attacks can be minimized by eating only the foods that are approved by your medical doctor. Foods that you eat can cause the levels of uric acid in your body to drastically rise which in most cases will then crystallize and deposit around your joints. If you have gout, you know what happens next, the pain and inflammation for days on end.

Knowing the foods to avoid can be your best defense against having to deal with a dreadfully painful bout with gout. Foods that are high in purines need to be completely eliminated from your diet if you suffer from gout. A few examples of foods that are very high in purines are tongue, kidneys, liver, gravy, shell fish and red meats.

You might now be concerned with the foods that you can eat without worrying about your gout flaring up. You should increase the amount of water you drink to a minimum of 10 glasses everyday. Increasing the water will cause you to urinate a little more often, this in turn flushes the toxins from your system and allows the uric acid that would otherwise build up and deposit around your joints and cause discomfort.

You should also eat fruits such as cherries, strawberries, watermelons and blueberries. These are thought to be able to neutralize the uric acid that is produced in the body. Having at least two servings a day of one of these fruits will surely decrease your attacks with bout. That is, as long as you are staying within the guidelines of the healthy, safe diet.

Everyone is different when it comes to their gout flare-ups and causes, some foods that might cause your gout to flare up might not bother another person’s gout to flare up. Be sure you are aware of what causes your gout to inflame.

Once you know what causes your gout to attack, you should avoid it. Using a gout treatment modification diet can prove to be beneficial for you with not only your gout symptoms but also with your overall health.

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