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Gout Natural Cures That Work – 5 Easy Steps

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Treating gout naturally can be done by simply lowering the amount of uric acid in the person’s system without the assistance of pain relievers and medications that are usually prescribed by a doctor. The problem with using medications to treat pain is when the medication no longer works many people increase the dosage and frequency of the medication.

This generally can cause more harm than good. Basically, pain medication will mask the pain instead of eliminating the cause of it. Using gout natural cures is safer for a person to do than taking prescribed medications.

The only way to truly be gout free is to completely eliminate the cause for the gout. That is take control of the uric acid by changing your diet. You can begin by avoiding foods that are high in purines, taking vitamins, exercising, using herbs and supplements.

Many of the natural ways to eliminate the pain from gout will also help you in become a healthier person, overall. Many people that have treated their gout condition through diet changes and exercise have lost weight and began to feel better physically and mentally. Just this alone should be enough reason to change your lifestyle.

Treating gout naturally can be done in five easy steps. Here they are:

1. Gout can be successfully treated by diet. There are foods that should be avoided, foods that can only be consumed in moderation and foods that are acceptable. Foods that are purine rich is a great way to start Make vitamin C part of your daily diet, either by vitamin supplement or foods that have high amounts of vitamin C.

2. Studies have revealed individuals that have vitamin deficiencies are more apt to being diagnosed with gout. The ones that seem to be at the highest risk are those with vitamin E, B5 and A deficiencies. Add a multivitamin to your diet to ensure you raise your vitamin levels to a more acceptable range.

3. Five servings a day of fruits and veggies. These foods have high levels of vitamins, great source of nutrition and have antioxidant properties. Try adding grapes, blueberries, strawberries, celery, avocados and celery to your daily foods.

4. Herbal therapy has nutrients, minerals and properties that assist in detoxifying the body. Adding cayenne pepper, buchu, block cohash, burdock, bilberry and or alfalfa to your diet.

5. Hydro therapy will assist your body in flushing away the toxins. By increasing the consumption of water daily to 10-12 glasses you can not only flush the toxins but you can also give your metabolism a jump start.

It is vital that you can determine what causes your gout to flare up and become troublesome. Once you know what will cause you pain you should avoid it. Change your lifestyle to meet the needs of your health. Before you take your next pill for relieving your symptoms try some gout natural cures instead.

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