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Home Remedies for Gout – Applying Natural Solutions to Prevent Further Attacks

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The condition that is a direct result of elevated uric acid levels in the blood is called gout. An estimated 2million Americans are diagnosed with gout; also referred to as ‘gouty arthritis.’ The condition affects the joints, tendons and other tissues and is known to be extremely painful. The medical condition is easily detectable and, fortunately, there are a variety of effective home remedies for gout that the patient can implement.

Generally, gout is more prominent in the big toe. The pain is excruciating and it usually attacks during the night. An individual with gout may experience swelling, tenderness and sharp pain. Upon diagnosis, physicians will examine the uric acid levels in the blood. Coincidentally, gout is developed due to the excess acid in the bloodstream.

The buildup of acid causes hard crystals in the joints deriving primarily from an excessive intake of a chemical called purine. Purine intake can be controlled by the patient at home. Incorporating effective home remedies for gout into the daily routine will ease the pain while simultaneously preventing future attacks.

Gout is often associated with other serious medical conditions such as hypertension and diabetes. If gone untreated, the excessive excretion of uric acid in the urine can result in kidney stones, kidney disease and even kidney failure. The home remedies are often comprehensive; thereby effectively treating and managing all of the conditions. Although there is a list of traditional treatments for gout, the home remedies have proven just as effective.

An individual suffering from gout would benefit from a low- purine diet; however, they are low in the Vitamins B and E and other antioxidants. Therefore, it is important to supplement the meals with products that will prevent and/or alleviate the damage of gout. For instance, the B complex is the supplement that assists the body with the breakdown of uric acid into harmless compounds.

Another home remedy for gout is the bromelain. Taken twice daily, this supplement acts as an anti- inflammatory which controls the sharpness of the pain during gout attacks. Many people aren’t aware that fish oil capsules, taken twice daily, reduce the risk of gouty inflammation. The supplements L-glutamine, L-glycines and the L- methionine all contribute to the breakdown and/or deterrent against the buildup of uric acid.

Vitamins C and E supplementation is required as low- purine diets may cause nutritional deficiency without them. As Vitamin C lowers uric acid levels, the natural Vitamin E simply refuels the deficiency in the body with whatever it is lacking.

Gout is becoming a major medical condition amongst a certain group of people. Almost 2million Americans suffer with it. It is most common amongst people who are overweight and who are excessive beer drinkers.

Home remedies for gout provide essential elements needed to prevent and control the condition which reduces the risks for future attacks. The result of developing gout is extremely painful and without treatment, it could eventually damage all joints, tendons and other vital tissues of the body.

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