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Home Remedy for Gout – Available When You Need Them

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Just like natural remedy for gout, another popular way of finding relief from gout pain is by way of the home remedy for gout. Quite interestingly, these remedies require very little in terms of cost and it just makes us wonder, what do we need all those drug medications for?

The home remedies for gout are actually traditions that have been passed on from generation to generation, because they were proven effective. To cite a few examples, here are some of them:

1. Since the swelling area feels warm with the swelling pain, applying ice to the afflicted area provides a soothing relief and reduces gout pain. However, apply ice in the form of a cold pack and not directly to the skin.

2. If you need some form of fast relief, the one medication you should take is generically known as ibuprofen. This is an anti-inflammatory medication usually sold over-the-counter.

3. Never let your joint remain immobile for a long period of time. Even while in a sitting position, make sure to put every joint into motion. Flex your fingers and toes, bend your knees and elbow, stretch your arms in and out, all these will dislodge the crystalline substances out of the nooks and cranny of your joints.

4. Use the versatile Epsom salt to make a soaking solution for your toes, heels, and ankles. The soothing effect of the Epsom salt penetrates deep into the skin and the warming will reduce the swelling. Since Epsom salts contain magnesium, the effects of soaking your feet inside the solution bring added benefits of improving your blood circulation and lowering your blood pressure.

5. If your gout is at an intolerable level, refrain from eating foods rich in uric acid. Instead, satiate your hunger by eating strawberries, nut, seeds, and grains. These types of food are very efficient in neutralizing uric acid. Besides, berries are also rich in Vitamin C, known to work well against gouts and its swelling.

6. Drink cherry juice or consume cherry fruit fresh or canned; cherries have been proven to provide natural relief from gout pain and swelling.

7. If cherries and berries are not available, have a good shot of Apple Cider vinegar. To make the concoction, mix 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar with two tablespoons organic honey and take it twice a day.

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