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Natural Remedies for Gout – An Alternative to Medications

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Although there is no specific cure for the arthritic disease, it can be controlled and prevented. Gout is often referred to as a form of rheumatic arthritis that affects the joints, tendons, and other tissues. Healthcare providers generally prescribe medications to manage the disease, however, there are beneficial and effective natural remedies for gout available that are safe to use in the long run.

Gout affects 275 of 100,000 people with 90% of them being men over 40 or women who are menopausal. Furthermore, many of these individuals suffer with pre- existing conditions which increase the risks of developing gout. Physicians’ initial solution for gout attacks is medications.

Although effective, most traditional medications have severe, annoying side effects. Such side effects include thinning bones, increased joint pain, irregular heartbeat, nausea and vomiting, eye pain, etc. Therefore, many of these gout patients prefer to use natural remedies to treat gout.

Natural remedies for gout obviously have no side effects and are extremely safe. An additional benefit for using natural remedies to treat gout is that most of them contain ingredients that will help improve the bodies overall health.

There are several types of natural remedies available to control the attacks of gout. Some of the options available include supplements, foods and herbal remedies. For example, gouticil is the most recently discovered natural remedy that is designed to eliminate the pain and swelling and stop the soreness.

Other natural remedies that have proved effective for treating gout are dandelions, alfalfa, and fresh or canned cherries. Another treatment that is considered an effective natural remedy is rosehip tea.

Dandelion is effective in that it is known for its detox properties. The daily ingestion of dandelion tea can help support the functioning of the liver and kidney. The alfalfa is an herb that is often associated with stomach digestion and the reduction of acid build-up in the blood. Consuming at least ½ lb of cherries and rosehip tea can also reduce uric acid levels.

Many people prefer natural remedies for gout to prescription drugs in that the condition is naturally treated without the side effects and it is beneficial to the overall health. In recent years, using natural or herbal supplements to cure gout has become very popular. The natural treatment works better than the traditional medications and they are safe.

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