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6 Common Causes of Gout Swelling

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Gout swelling occurs when excess uric acids in the body have formed into uric acid crystals in the body joints. Said uric acid crystals cause gout pain as a result of the inflammation in the affected joint area.

Uric acid is a waste product in the blood and the accumulation of which may be due to the inability of the kidney to excrete uric acid. Said inability is one of the common causes of gout swelling.

Aside from the consumption of purine rich foods , the occurrence of gout can be attributed to a genetic factor. The body produces excessive uric acid without the ability to flush them out properly via the urine.

Gout if experienced in joint areas like the ankles, insteps, or big toe can sometimes be confused with an infection or a sprain. Often, this is ascertained as gout only after physical examination, medical history, and blood test to determine the amount of uric acid in the body.

Gout or commonly referred to as painful arthritis is one of the most commonly recorded illnesses in medical history. It is often related to a genetic abnormality to process uric acid. The genetic abnormality is a result of the kidney’s failure to eliminate the blockage of uric acid crystals in the kidney filtering tubules. In some cases, sufferers may develop a high level of uric acid without arthritis or kidney problem called hyperuricemia.

In the first attack of gout, the symptoms may subside in a week or so in the absence of treatment. Interval of attacks may be in months or even years. As time passes by, symptoms will tend to be more frequent until severe pain in the joints will be experienced. Gout occurs mostly in men and in women at post-menopausal stage.

If there is already gout swelling, there may be hard lumps of uric acid in the joints, decreased kidney function and presence of kidney stones. The joint linings become inflamed resulting to sudden and severe attacks of pain.

As a summary of facts gathered, hereunder are the 6 most common causes of gout resulting to gout swelling:

  1. Oily fish, red meats, internal organs and yeast.
  2. Over consumption of alcoholic beverages especially beer.
  3. Dehydration.
  4. Genetic defect or the inability of the blood to dissolve uric acids.
  5. Side effects of drugs like diuretics, aspirin, nicotinic acid, cyclosporin A, allopuril and probenecid.
  6. Joint injury.

In all cases, we should support the healthy function of our liver and kidneys by drinking lots of water and by eating raw fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds in our daily meal. In this case, we can avoid gout swelling.

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