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Gout Big Toe – What You Should Know

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Gout that often starts in the big toe and based on its causes and symptoms, is actually a form of arthritis. Both disorders stem from the increased levels of uric acid in the body, aggravated by conditions wherein our system fails to expel the uric acids. Often times it may be aggravated by an over supply of uric acid producing purinesĀ  or a combination of both over supply and inability to expel.

The elevation of uric acid if it remains in the body tends to form into crystalline substances that will find its way to the different joints in the body. Hence, the big toe gout is one of the most painful occurrences of gout, since the discomfort is located in a body part that is often used and whose use, could not be avoided.

Big toe gout can be extremely painful. Experiencing gout in this area is aggravated by the fact that walking is a bodily function we cannot avoid, hence the big toe in all its misery is forced to carry bodily weight while in an inflamed condition.

In fact, as a result of our effort to avoid putting weight in the front part due to gout, other foot parts like the heels, ankles and insteps can also be stressed because they are made to carry body weight beyond what they are normally expected to. There is the matter of unequal weight distribution, while big toe gout- discomfort is occurring. There are cases of gout in big toe wherein the bone becomes severely damaged.

If you think gout is common only among those in their middle ages, better think again. Age is only a secondary triggering factor. Anyone who has an over accumulation of uric acid in the body is liable to develop gout disease if the body fails to excrete them. Once these un-expelled uric acids make a prolonged stay in our body system, they will form into crystalline substances regardless of your age or gender.

Not unless of course, if you are observing a healthy lifestyle. The uric acids can be prevented from forming into crystalline shards if our food will also supply the body with alkaline-based substances.

Alkaline-based food can thwart the uric acid
by neutralization processes. Hence, these uric acid substances will be carried in the bloodstream instead of acting independently to form gout crystals, usually in the gout prone big toe area.

Furthermore, if we give our body enough supply of water to promote excretion, the excessive amount of uric acid still being carried in the blood stream will find itself way out through urine excretion.

If we are active enough, some of this uric acid maybe excreted via the sweat glands. Hence, it is really possible for a person to avoid gout, unless it is genetically acquired. Gout therefore is something beyond the control of the individual who inherited a certain inability of the body to process uric acids resulting to its elevation.

The only recourse in this condition is to be more vigilant and avoid less of the food groups that contain too much purines. Purines are the known origins of the uric acid given off during metabolism.

The importance of having a suitable diet for every type of person cannot be overlooked. There may not be a permanent cure for big toe gout, probably due to the limitations of the body, but at least, there are ways in which it could be avoided.

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