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5 Tips for Gout Holistic Treatments

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Not only is gout among the most painful types of arthritis a person can be diagnosed with but it is also one of the ones that can be that in the majority of cases could be prevented. If you are one of the many unfortunate individuals that suffers from painful gout attacks, you need to take control of your life again. Using gout holistic treatments could be just the thing for you.

Although holistic healing methods have been used for many years, it wasn’t until recently that these methods were recognized as actually working. Some of these popular methods were also proven to be bogus. Of all of the medical reasons people use holistic treatments, it has been said that gout is among the easiest ailments to treat naturally.

Science has revealed some useful information. This could very well be the reason many individuals are seeking alternative methods to treating their medical conditions. Studies have determined that the human body can heal itself naturally as long as it is given the correct tools to utilize. With many cases of gout, it can be managed successfully by proper diet changes, herbs, supplements, vitamins and a few other remedies.

  • Lower the uric acid levels in your body. You should make this one of the first steps you take. The levels need to be lowered, you can do this either flushing your system out or neutralizing the uric acid. Eating specific foods or drinks can give a sufferer immediate relief from a painful bout with gout.
  • Lifestyle changes are necessary and need to be made immediately. You need to determine the foods and beverages that lead to the issues you have with gout. Basically, you need to decide if the food and beverages are really worth the painful price you pay later. If you drink alcohol it is best that you either eliminate it completely or at least limit your alcohol consumption to one eight ounce glass per day. Processed foods are another item that you should completely forget about as well as fried foods and fast foods.
  • Increase the amount of water you drink every day. If possible you should drink about 10 to 12 glasses of water each day. Alkaline water is the best especially if the level of acidity is 7 or above.  This will give your body a push into flushing out the uric acid that would lead to an attack of gout.
  • Neutralize the uric acid. One natural way for you to naturally neutralize the uric acid is with a solution of water and baking soda. The baking soda acts as a neutralizer for the uric acid that could cause a build up of crystal like deposits that will soon turn into a flare-up.
  • Weight loss. It is important that you maintain a healthy weight for your overall health. A great natural way to shed unwanted pounds is by eating foods that are water soluble fibers. For example, fruits and some vegetables. Foods that are water soluble fiber foods will assist your system of ridding it of the impurities, cholesterol, fat, uric acid and other toxins.

Using gout holistic treatments can be a great way for you to gain control over your life again. Say goodbye to the late night pain and say hello to the life you thought you lost forever.

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  • 1 Lori // Feb 10, 2009 at 2:47 am

    What about apple cider vinegar? That is supposed to be good for dissolving uric acid crystals too.

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