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Gout Ankle Swelling – 7 Effective Home Treatments

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Gout is a condition that concerns some of our body parts especially the ankle. Having such illness may influence our daily activities, chores and job. This can cause big trouble if not given prompt attention. It is also a very painful condition that if left untreated may result to situations such as gout ankle swelling.

When it comes to health we become very conscious especially when seeking remedies for a certain kind of disease. For gout ankle swelling, one of the treatments considered helpful is by using home remedies, which saves us from spending a lot of money. Below are some examples of home treatments victims may try to apply:

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1. Cold Compress Application. This will lessen the pain and at the same time reduce swelling.

2. Ankle Elevation. This is one of the effective ways in order to facilitate circulation of blood on swollen ankles.

3. Splinting. Wrapping the affected area with a cloth or by using a splint can alleviate swelling and can prevent further complications.

4. Alternating Hot and Cold Vinegar Wrap. At first, it must be heated together with the same amount of water. Then, soak a towel in the solution and wrap it around the swollen ankle. Repeat the steps if necessary, however, this time apply the method with the use of vinegar mixed with cold water.

5. Ankle Circular Exercise and Massage. This is done to promote good blood circulation. However, massage must be done slowly because it can be very painful if done with too much force.

6. Increase Fluid Intake. Drinking adequate amount of water will help dilute the quantity of uric acid found in urine and blood.

7. Cherries. This fruit provides anthocyanins, which is very helpful in reducing pain and further swelling of gout.

There are a lot of options given to treat gout ankle swelling. But sometimes prevention is always the great way. Being extra careful with the things we do and the food we eat is extremely important. In cases of gout, remember food consumed is one of the major causes of its attack.

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  • 1 sanjay rathilall // Jul 5, 2011 at 2:36 pm

    what medication can be used for gout

  • 2 David // Oct 9, 2012 at 9:57 am

    Medication is the wrong approach. Consider the cause and lower the acid in your body by changing your diet

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