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Gout Flare Up Treatment – How to Deal With the Pain

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Gout is an ordinary type of inflammatory arthritis, which is oftentimes referred to as “gouty arthritis”. This condition can actually impinge on both men and women of any age. Generally, it starts in the joint, specifically the big toe area going to any part of the body.

It produces too much pain, which may potentially direct towards disability if left unattended. However, the severity of the condition may be prevented if proper action is applied. Gout flare-up treatment is essentially important to minimize spreading of it and prevent continuing harm to the joints.

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1. Elevate the joint area. Gravity aids in decreasing soreness. It slows down the flow of blood to the throbbing joint.

2. Stop joint movement. Minimizing the movement of joint will make the victim feel better. Simply being at rest will definitely help although putting a splint on the injured joint may do as well. However, try to consult your doctor or any first-aid guide to help you do it.

3. Do not put ice or heat the area. Gout does not counter well enough to ice or heat therapy. Although the warmth of a heating pad may make you feel good, however, it can also accelerate circulation, which causes increase of inflammation by transferring a lot of white blood cells to the joint. On the contrary, low temperature speeds up the formation of crystals, thus, place an ice.

4. Keep hydrated. For the gout sufferer, water should always be on top of the list. An increased uric acid level can cause both gout and kidney stones. That is why keeping yourself hydrated is very much important.

5. Manage your weight. Always indulge in a well balanced diet and a standard cardiovascular exercise. A reduced weight leads to a reduced gout pain and break out. However, crash diet is prohibited as this can cause increased levels of purine metabolism and uric acid upsurge.

6. Minimize consumption of alcohol. High-yeast content foods are rich in purines and create large quantities of uric acid, most especially beer.

7. Wear comfy shoes. Wear shoes with styles that provide a lot of space for the toes. A shoe with a constricted, pointed toe box pushes the big toe inward, causing gout pain flare-up.

Repeated gout attacks can result to high blood pressure, permanent harm in the joint and kidney as well. Thus, this condition suggests proper analysis by a physician who can explain some causes of its pain and recommend effective medications. Yet, a few gout flare-up treatment may also be done to manage the pain on your own.

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