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Gout in Feet – What You Should Know

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To fully understand what is going on with your joints it is important that you understand gout. Gout is flare up from crystallized deposits of uric acid around a joint.

Typically the first area the crystallized deposits make themselves known in the feet. Gout in feet can be in the toes and even the ankles. The pain is often excruciating and crippling. Many people are unable to walk without assistance.

Uric acid crystallizes and deposits in the joints of a person
. These deposits are caused from the processing of the purines in the body and in the food a person consumes.

Generally the reason gout in feet is most common is because the uric acid is sensitive to and temperature changes in the person. The foot is quite a distance from the heart therefore it is the coolest location on of the body. Making it the ideal home for the gout to establish itself comfortably.

You should know what to expect when you head to the doctor’s office for a diagnosis of gout. First, the doctor or surgeon should take a full family medical history, then you will likely be going for some testing and X-rays. The lab work and X-rays are generally done to rule out other possibilities for the inflammation and pain.

Treating gout in feet can be done in a few different ways. Each method will be considered by the doctor and the best one will likely be chosen for your treatment. Generally, the treatment for gout will be as follows:

  • Prescription medications are often given to relieve the pain and inflammation of a gout attack. Your doctor can give you medication in a pill form or give you an injection for the pain.
  • Diet modifications are necessary for successfully controlling gout attacks in the future. You will need to avoid drinks and foods with elevated purine levels.
  • Water should become your preferred drink of choice. Try to increase the amount of water you drink every day to about 12 8 oz. glasses every day.
  • Stay off of the foot with gout. You should also place the foot on a pillow so it is above your heart to decrease the swelling.

It is possible a patient might require surgery for gout in feet to take the crystallized deposits out and make necessary repairs to the damaged joint from the deposits. If this is a necessary course of treatment for you the surgeon will discuss the procedure to you. It is important that you ask any questions and voice your concerns before you have the procedure done.

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  • 1 heather george // Jul 13, 2010 at 8:02 am

    my husband has been told the lump on his ear is crystalised gout it is getting bigger it is sore to touch.anything you can suggest?

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