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Gout in the Knee – What You Need to Know

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Gout can target any of your joints. It typically begins to target the toe first, however it has been known to start in the elbow, knee and wrist among other joints. If you have had gout pain in your toe, you have not truly felt the pain that gout can put you in. Gout in the knee has been reported as one of the most excruciatingly painful joints to be attacked by gout.

Gout in the knee as well as the other joints is caused by an inability to eliminate the excess uric acid that is within the body. There are several different treatments for gout and gout pain.

Among the most popular method of controlling gout is through a healthy diet that reduces the amount of purine that is consumed in a persons diet. Modifications to a diet are necessary and can often be the change that will change your life forever.

Gout pain usually comes on with little to no warning at all. In many situations the individual with gout is awakened during the night with a terrible pain. The pain can be isolated to one joint or it can be spread out among several different joints. Depending on the severity of the pain and deposits, surgery could be the only solution to your gout problem.

Both men and women can suffer from gout. Usually, men are more apt to be sufferers of gout, however women that are menopausal are also quite likely to suffer from gout. Also, the risks of a person being diagnosed with gout increases drastically in those that are overweight, consume alcoholic beverages on a regular basis and have a diet that is rich in purine.

The most common symptoms of gout reported by men and women are pain in and around the joints, redness, a burning sensation that can be slight to intense, the joint is hot to touch, and stiffness in the joint. Depending on the joint that is attacked by the gout, your symptoms can vary.

Typically, in the more severe instances of gout in the knee or in any other joint the pain is described as crippling. In many cases the pain was so severe the individuals could not even handle the thought that someone or something was going to touch the knee.

Gout in the knee is treatable. You do not have to live the rest of your life with the pain. There are several pain management treatments you can choose from with the guidance of your medical care provider. In many cases with a change in diet, loss of weight and either vitamin supplements or medications.

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  • 2 Kaushal Kishore // Dec 12, 2010 at 5:02 pm

    I am 78 years of male having Gout since the last
    50 years. Uric Acid remain elevated whch is
    being controlled by Zyloric (Alloprulin) tablets.
    Sijnce the last few years I have both the Kness
    joints pain and feel pain in walking also. Is my Knee pains are related with my Gout. What is the
    cure. I have no other medical problems

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