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Gout Natural Treatment – 6 Simple Ways to Eliminate Gout Attacks

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Gout is a form of the rheumatic disease that causes severe pain in the joints, tendons, and other tissues. The medical condition attacks suddenly and it is extremely painful. Gout usually affects nearly 90% of men over the age of thirty (30), but, women that are post-menopausal and/or taking anti-hypertensive medications may develop the condition also. There is no permanent cure for this condition, however the use of any gout natural treatment has proven to manage and prevent the painful attacks.

Gout is a medical condition caused by the overproduction of uric acid in the bloodstream. The excessive buildup in the blood eventually settles in the joints leading to swelling, redness and throbbing pain in the affected area. The gout attacks usually occur at night and it is most common in the big toe.

It is known to also affect other joints such as the finger, wrist, elbow or knees. Initially, the attacks are acute, yet it is very possible that the patient will experience chronic gout. Therefore, the patient should combat the attacks with a gout natural treatment.

Ideally, the ultimate objective of the medical healthcare provider is to reduce the probability of future attacks. The initial objective, however, is to manage the pain of the acute attack. The physician will then provide the necessary treatments to lessen the duration of the attacks (which can last several days) and prevent the probability of future attacks by lowering the levels of uric acid in the blood.

Physicians generally prescribe medication to accommodate these patients and they also recommend lifestyle modifications that must be implemented into the daily routine. Gout is known to affect people who are overweight and who drink alcohol excessively. These risk factors must be eliminated.

Gout natural treatment is obviously an alternative for conventional treatments which usually treats acute attacks. Alternative gout treatment mainly focuses on the prevention and elimination of uric acid buildup or chronic gout. Keep in mind, the patient may need prescription medication in addition to applying these natural treatments.  These treatments can be implemented right at home and provide natural relief. Natural treatments include:

  1. Drinking lots of fluid, especially water and black cherry juice
  2. Reducing the amount of meat in diet. Eat plenty of raw fruit, vegetables, grains, seeds and nuts.  Avoid foods that are rich in purine (causes increased uric acid levels).
  3. Avoiding excessive alcohol (beer) consumption and excessive body weight.
  4. Exercising regularly.
  5. Keeping the liver and kidney healthy. The healthier these organs are, the better they can rid the blood of uric acid and other toxins.
  6. Make a concrete and cautious effort to avoid stress in your life.  Use exercising, reading and, especially, stress- reduction techniques to do so.
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