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Gout Untreated Complications You Need to Avoid

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Inflammation of the joints due to the increase in the uric acid level of the body is the best definition or description of gout. Many minor diseases that are ignored can lead to worse or worst health conditions. Gout untreated complications are a lot and can be serious.

The complications can  put  the sufferer’s life at risk. Gout if not treated can threaten other organs and parts of the body such as the kidney, heart and bones of the body. The sufferer must be familiar of the problem untreated gout can result to when they will give it a little care.

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Kidney Stones and Kidney Failure

One of the gout untreated complications is kidney stones. Gout is the result of excess amount of uric acid in the body which forms into crystals and remains in the joints causing the inflammation. If there are a lot of uric acids in the body which the kidney cannot handle, these crystal acids will shape into stones and will go to the ureter bringing unbearable pain.

Kidney stones make it painful to urinate and bring discomfort to the sufferer. It has been found out that approximately 10 to 40 percent of gout sufferers can acquire kidney stones. In addition to that, about 25 percent of gout sufferers develop more serious kidney diseases or worst kidney failure.

Heart Diseases

Heart diseases can also result from untreated gout. People who have health conditions like heart failure, high blood pressure and coronary artery disease are likely to have gout. Once the person suffers from hyperuricemia, heart diseases are likely to develop and this is very dangerous and can cause the death of the sufferer. Hyperuricemia is having large amounts of uric acid in the blood which can increase the blood pressure of the person.

Joints and Bones Damage

As stated above, the uric acid crystals form in the joints causing them to inflame. Ones the amount of uric acid in the body continues to increase and the gout is not treated properly, it can lead to serious damage of the joints and the bones. The joints will be deformed and will cause the movement of the joints to stop of become difficult. According to studies, gout sufferers experience difficulty in moving or walking every time they will have gout attacks. They also find it hard to fit in their shoes and to perform or join sports.

The complications are harder to treat than gout. Gout has a lot of remedies and is simpler. These gout untreated complications are possible to avoid if the sufferer will take action in treating his or her gout at the earliest time possible.

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