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Know the Root Causes So You Can Avoid Gout

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Gout is shaped from the forming up of uric acid in the body. It is one of the most severe painful physical conditions one could experience. As medically described, it is characterized by agonizing, rapid, and unpredicted pain, accompanied by inflammation and tautness in the affected joint.

The usually affected parts are the ankles, heels, insteps, knees, wrists, elbows, fingers, and at times the spine. Since this is a major cause of discomfort we need to know ways to avoid gout and deal with its symptoms.

We will try to see areas in which we could manage the symptoms and the root causes of gout in order to do away with it. Prevention procedure involves careful analysis of the factors causal to gout, followed by proper use of medication and diet.

To avoid gout then we need to consider the following factors:


Uric acid as attested by several studies is the primary cause of gout. It is a chemical created when the body cracks down substances called purines.

These purines are found in various foods and drink sources, such as liver, anchovies, mackerel, dried beans and peas, beer, and wine.

If too much uric acid is produced in your body, you can get discomfort out of it. A great level of uric acid in your system is termed hyperuricemia.

Medical professionals recommend to likely victims of gout, adherence to the following:

  • Reduce your intake of purine-rich food.
  • Include only a minimum of seafood in your diet.
  • Avoid drinking coffee and all other caffeine-rich beverage (these can raise uric acid levels).
  • Drinking enough water will help wash out uric acid from your system.
  • Plunge down or off your alcohol consumption.

Other things to consider

One should manage his or her weight in order to avoid gout. Maintaining an overweight body can lead to gout formation. Persons who also have high blood pressure conditions, high cholesterol levels or with diabetes while undergoing treatments for these disorders may cause the formation of gout in their joints.

We should also be aware that certain medicines sold in drugstores could contribute to the formation of gout. These medicines include the following:

  • Certain diuretics (“water pills”) which are used in high blood pressure treatment
  • Niacin- a Vitamin B-complex
  • Aspirin (taken in low doses)
  • Cyclosporine a certain medication given normally to patients undergoing transplant surgery in order to help the body adjust to the new organ implanted
  • Some drugs administered for cancer treatment
  • Pyrazinamide, a drug for tuberculosis

We should remember that anyone could develop gout. Regardless of age, one can have this disease.  In fact, gout may also be carried in the genes. If we are not too careful with our lifestyle and lack in the proper management of our diet, we sure cannot avoid gout.

Having a sense of self-awareness can do a lot in keeping our body healthy. After all avoiding gout is to avoid the discomforts it brings.

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