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Relief From Gout – How to Gain Comfort

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Depending on the severity of the gout there are different methods used for treating it. Relief from gout comes from a combination of lifestyle changes, dietary modifications and exercising. In many situations a doctor might feel it is necessary to prescribe medication and possibly surgery.

If you are overweight you should lose the weight. This will take some of the unnecessary stress off of your joints and relieve some of the discomfort and pain from the gout. The uric acid that is produced in your body will also be cut down when you lose the weight.

You should limit the amount of purines you consume. Some foods you should incorporate into your daily diet are green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, more water (12 glasses a day) and increase the fiber to the recommended amount daily.

Avoid any foods that cause your gout to flare up and cause you pain. This might have to be done by trial and error. Some foods that bother you will not bother others, therefore you need to find out what you can and can not eat.

Avoid alcohol, especially red wine and beer. Alcohol is frequently linked to many gout attacks. Beer is known to increase the amount of uric acid produced in the body. The excessive uric acid is what crystallizes and deposits on the joints causing the pain and gout.

Doctors often prescribe anti-inflammatory medication to help with reduce the inflammation from gout. They are available in both a pill form or you can be injected with it. The injection usually provides almost immediate relief, however it is only a quick fix for the pain not a long term solution.

Surgery is usually done to remove the crystallized deposits and repair the damage done to the joints. This can be a longer solution to your gout problems, however you will still need to modify your lifestyle and diet in order for you to be free of pain for the long run.

Relief from gout does not have to be complicated nor does it have to be drastic. With minor modifications and effort you can achieve relief from gout for the long haul. However, you should speak with your doctor before changing anything in your life. Avoid taking any over the counter medications for pain relief until you have discussed your medications and condition with your doctor.

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